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i am quite new

Name: Franny
Age: 16
House: Ravenclaw (it covers all the bases,and the stereotypes aren't bad)
Sexual Orientation: bi, in today's world everything goes
Best Pairings: HP/DM reigns supreme, it is what got me into it, and one of the few pairings that honestly turns me on, i wont however deny a twin pairing if comes to me

Even though i am only sixteen i am quite in touch with my sexuality(i have the heart of a middle-aged gay man), its one of life's greatest gifts EMBRACE IT... uhh about me, well im into art, quality films, reading/writing(me and my friend are writing an erotica zine, if you want one hit me up w/ a comment), good music, feminism, and gay pride(San Fran wut wut)

and oh yea FAN FICTION, harry potter and draco malfoy are beyond words, typically im into long ones with plots, agnst(yes ill admit im emo), but i wont deny a short S&M ficlet if its well done, i can be feisty if the right person comes along, but i guess im just a sentamentalist, ive been readin 'em for a while now, but im just starting to join communities and shit

i like comments, they make me feel more popular than i actually am, but ermm yea HEY COMMUNITY!
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