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Newb, incoming.

Name - Jamie. But I hate it. Oh well.
Age - Old enough. ... 69. I'm 69.
House - I'd probably end up in Ravenclaw, though I'd be incredibly po'd that I didn't get into Slytherin to oogle the schmexay Head of House. And sneak out to masturbate in his classroom in the dead of night. What? No..
Sexual Orientation - I'm straight. Although I'm constantly bombarded with hopes and propositions for me to be otherwise. Oh well. :(

I like cheese.

Harry/Snape is my favorite pairing. In this fandom. But this is my favorite fandom, so I guess they really are my OTP. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate the cute little squishpairing names, reminiscent of the "Bennifer" ordeal over Jeniffer Lopez and Ugly McGee Ben Affleck. Like Snarry, Snucius, Snaco... Just don't do it. Every time you use a squishpairing name, a plot bunny dies. :(
I'm addicted to chocolate and any and all slash pairings. I even like non-graphic, implied femmslash, like that found in Telanu's Tea between McGonagall and Fleur. Yes. I know. But it's great. And twincest is our friend. And Sirius/Remus is just adorable. Puppy love is <3.
Speaking of friends, I need some. I update moderately often and even have an idea for an ep-fic in the works. (Whether or not it will ever happen, I make no comment.) I'm active in the fandom, meaning that I write when the fancy strikes me, read when I have the time (which is actually a lot, I have no life) and fantasize about the stuff I've read already in the meanwhile. And I'm a sucker for romance and first-time stuff. And I cry at fics, a lot.
But, yeah. This journal is relatively new and I need friends. Friend me. Or die. *love.*

Oh, and this wasn't mentioned anywhere, but I'm female. Hurrah for vaginas.
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