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Les Newbie

Name - Samantha
Age - 16
House - Ravenclaw
Sexual Orientation - Straight
Favorite Paring - Anything with Ron<3 and obviously Draco/Harry you can't go wrong with that. My least favorite paring has to be Harry/Hermione...I mean i've read a few fics that I liked with them but...its just not as good as slash.

About Me - I really want a penis:) just thought I would through that out there lol. Seriously though I really do, they look like they would be alot of fun and you could go camping and it wouldn't be such a pain to pee in the woods...and it would just be wicked cool.

I am extremely obsessed with Harry Potter I love its life to the max. I love talking about the books! Most of my friends are seriously into HP so they don't really humor me when I go into long serious discustions about the books:-/

I havn't been reading fan-fics for very long at all but I love them alot. My friend got me hooked and now I can't seem to stop reading them. I love all fics and slash but I am a hopless romantic at heart and absofuckinglutly love fluff and romance and such*hides face*

I really don't know what we are supposed to talk about in here...soo...I am just going to talk alot:) sorry if it is annoying.

The Harry Potter movies...I own all three and can probubly resite them word for word((I suck at life I know)). I guess I like them alright but there are sooo many things that they left out that were important...it makes me a tad bit angry. Like Ron Weasley's character, hes my favorite character of all time besides Ginny and they make him really stupid in the movies. I mean I know in the books hes not the brightest crayon in the box but he got into Gryffindor for a reason and it just pisses me off how they perceive him in the movies...okie dokie rant over I swear.

I have a grande obsession with Rupert Grint. He makes me happy in the pants.

I live in Maine but when I get older I really want to travel the world and then settle down somewhere in London or something like that...because well...I love the English alot alot:) I am seriously concidering stealing all of there phrases and such because they are cooler then American ones.

*Le Sigh* so yep thats pretty much all I am going to put you guys though:-/ sorry for writing so much.
Um, I love meeting new people so add me IM me: dustbunnies710 its all fine with me:)
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