all i want for christmas is you (missandra) wrote in hotternewbs,
all i want for christmas is you

Another Newb...Obviously

Name - Andra
Age - Unfortunately, still 17.
House - A Proud 'Puff dammit.
Sexual Orientation - Bi and happy to be. I love having the best of both worlds.
Favourite Ships - R/Hr, D/G, D/Hr, D/H, basically, pair Draco with someone and you have one of my favourite ships. I love Draco for some insane reason. Even canon!Draco.

Other Stuff - Okay, I don't seem to have much to say at the moment, so lets just say that I am totally open to lovely weird ships, and fics, and I have an insane urge to write my fic 'Betting on the Angel' which has been in progress for a VERY long time now. And since the first chapters I wrote of it made no sense whatsoever, and were absolutely stupid, I am re-writing the entire story, while studying for my physiotherapy degree at university.

Normally, I'm a lot more chatty than this, so please don't take this as an total indictation of my personality.
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