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New HP fan whose recently been corrupted

Name - Aurora Jade
Age - 19
House - Gryffindor
Sexual Orientation - pansexual

Well I'm a true newbie, I just finished reading my first fanfic. I think I have however, fell overboard. I still need to read through the cannon however, in the meantime I'm also reading the fannon. I'm a Gryffindor at heart, but was corrupted by a very sexy Slytherin.

As per characters so far my definate favourites are fannon!Draco (swoon), Hermione, Pansey, Ginny, Severus, and young Tom. I enjoy a variety of combinations of them in my head. I enjoy some more innocent things like pushing people up against walls and making out with them, but what really drives me crazy is bondage and possibly that initiation paddle that the community has. ;)
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