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hotternewbs's Journal

The Parry Hotter Newbie
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"Wandering into parryhotter is like accidentally taking the Floo to Knockturn Alley!" coell

HotterNewbs is the sister (rrreeeowwwwrrr) community of parryhotter and is intended for new members to post their introductory posts as well as for them and other members to post quizzes from Quizilla and the likes. It was created for all members and for the benefit of parryhotter. Please read the directions after the following description.

ParryHotter is the community filled with the joy of bringing together the twisted fans of Harry Potter. We love fanfic, slash, fan art, twincest, and anything involving drugs, ice cream and underwear. We support ships like Filch/Lucius, Dobby/Harry, Ginny/Percy, Sirius/Buckbeak, and of course, the ever popular, Harry/his hand. But twisted shipping is only the beginning.

Now that that's out of the way, here are the rules...

HotterNewbs is for:

Newbie Introductory Posts
Oldie Introductory Posts and
Harry Potter Quizzes

Newbie Intro Posts are loosely formatted as such:

Name - Aliases work. However you'd like to be referred.
Age - We need to know for the initiation paddle.
House - If you're Gryffindor, the Slytherins need to leer at you.
Sexual Orientation - We need to know who to hit on, but most of us will hit on you regardless. Blame the other newbies, they started it.

After that, you can put whatever you'd like. We love to know your favored ships, or characters or sexual positions... whatever you find to be need to know. And the more you put in that post, the more we'll like you. We like things to talk about, so give us conversations, sweethearts. And remember, there is no too much information. Also, a newbie is someone who has been a member for 4 days or less. This includes lurking, you only get 4 days of newbiedom.

But, in this community, we are also allowing non-newbies (oldies) to post intros. I.e., those who have been members for a while but who never posted a newbie/intro post can post their info and [possibly] get schpanked as well.

Harry Potter Quizzes:

HP Quizzes ("Which Article of Snape's Clothing Are You?") are great, but sometimes they do take up a bit of space. One quiz is okay w/out the lj-cut. A couple/bunch of quizzes needs an lj-cut. That's pretty lj-cut and dry. *groans* Oh, and the more twisted the quiz, the better.

Mods who give a crap: vuurvasthouden is the mod!Initiator here, but your sexehbitch!mods at the Hotter are lionessvalenti and lionessfreedom. Meeheeowrr!