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hey I'm a newbie.

Name - my name is Amanda but Midnyte is fine
Age - 16 but i will be 17 in 5 months.
House - slytherin (you got to love the snakes)
Sexual Orientation - I'm Bi (so bring it on)

favored ships: I love hp/dm but i do have a fondness for anything hp/dm/ss
characters or sexual positions: Harry Potter(gothic or not) Draco Malfoy *fans self*. I beleive that draco and harry are meant to be and the only reason JKR didn't put them as so is because this is a childrens book after all. That is why communities like this greatly appreciated one have arised from where ever stuff like this comes from(lol). I love the light bdsm fics ( mild bondage, whips the usual) Rimming in a fic is always appreciated and the author will be glorified by me in my post, non con is good in all (but in moderation OFCOURSE) chan is bad unless it is written well and tastefully done, pwp is what i mostly read because it is fun and always changing. I have been watching this community for ever but i have just become a member so do your worst

Spank me it turns me on
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